Milling & Spice Production, A Case Study

WAN Dynamics & Converged Network Services Group

Customer Profile: Milling & Spice Production
Product: DynaWAN, Managed SD-WAN
Monthly Recurring Revenue: $2,995
In early 2020, a well-established milling company engaged Phil Howard and CNSG for help with not only modernizing their network infrastructure, but to help find them a partner which would allow his customer to be hands-off when it comes to the wide-area-network, and freeing internal resources to focus on revenue driving priorities and projects.
After Phil had provided options for carrier redundancy and infrastructure upgrades, he set about the task of finding his customer a vendor who not only understood and sold next generation WAN technology, but someone who would act and be seen as an extension of the end users internal network team, for a true partnership. 
Once engaged, Phil and WAN Dynamics identified DynaWAN, our managed VeloCloud solution, as the ideal solution for the customers’ WAN needs of today and long term. In addition to WAN Dynamics expertise surrounding VeloCloud SD-WAN, Phil’s customer was drawn by our fully “co-managed” solution, which allowed them to be as involved or hands-off with their WAN as dictated by the business’ needs at any given time. The decision was made to deploy the DynaWAN solution across the entire wide-area-network solving for long standing issues in both WAN functionality and management:
  • The ability to leverage multiple circuit providers where applicable and realize the full throughput of each circuit simultaneously.
  • Full-mesh, site to site connectivity with the ability to overcome a carrier outage at either end.
  • Visibility into real-time and historical performance metrics for application and provider performance. 
  • Per packet, application protected failover between WAN links. VoIP calls, video conference streams, and site to site data transfers remain active even when losing connectivity to a single provider’s network.
  • A co-managed solution that empowers the end user to drive the service where they feel comfortable, while having the ability to leverage WAN Dynamics senior engineering resources for design, configuration, and troubleshooting where needed. 

Phil was able to win this customer’s business by not only providing best in class services through multiple provides, but by packaging those solutions into a comprehensive and wholistic managed network solution which WAN Dynamics is proud to be a part of.
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