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Demo: Zoom Video Conferencing Failover Demonstration
Demo: VoIP Call SD-WAN Failover Demonstration
Customer Testimonial: Apple Growth Partners
Customer Testimonial: Saber Healthcare
Webinar: Driving Rapid Healthcare Enterprise Growth with SD-WAN
Podcast: Telecom Radio One's Phil Howard Interviews Jason Gintert


Join WAN Dynamics in Las Vegas!

WAN Dynamics is proud to announce that our management and channel sales team anticipate attending Channel Partners Conference & Expo and theMSP Summit at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV from Monday November 1st through Thursday November 4th of this year. We are excited to see some friendly faces at the biggest channel show around and have been anxiously awaiting it’s return.
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WAN Dynamics is One of Five Arista Certified Services Partners in the World

WAN Dynamics is proud to announce that our engineering team has successfully completed both stages required in order to become fully certified Arista Service Delivery Engineers (SDEs). With these certifications, WAN Dynamics has officially become an Arista Certified Services Partner (ACSP), a very prestigious accreditation in network engineering circles held by only five organizations globally. 
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WAN Dynamics on List of Top Global MSPs

WAN Dynamics is proud to announce placement in the prestigious Channel Futures MSP 501 list of the top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the world. Debuting on the list at No. 291 in our first year of application, we are thrilled to be on the world’s most comprehensive MSP survey and ranking list in the IT channel.
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WAN Dynamics Partners with Infiot

WAN Dynamics is excited to announce our partnership with Infiot, an exciting new vendor in Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Work from Anywhere (WFA) connectivity spaces. Founded in 2018 and emerging from stealth in October 2020, the founders and key people at Infiot have past successes in next generation WAN technologies from notable innovators such as VeloCloud/VMware & Viptela/Cisco. We expect great things from them which is why we have partnered together in order to create some compelling solutions under the umbrella of our DynaWAN suite of managed services products.
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WAN Dynamics at VMworld 2018

What a great week at VMware's VMworld 2018 event in Las Vegas, the first VMworld conference for WAN Dynamics. Our primary interest at the show was to learn more about what is in store for the VeloCloud product as it is one of the key solutions for our managed SD-WAN product, DynaWAN. After this event, it's more clear than ever that VMware might just be the best organization for VeloCloud to have been acquired by.
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Can Windows Update Impact Your SD-WAN Network?

A feature of modern SD-WAN technology is the ability for branch locations to build dynamic tunnels to each other for taking the shortest WAN path to circumvent transiting a central hub. This optimizes VoIP and data transfer between branches for the duration of the session and then tunnels are torn down automatically to save on processing resources. SD-WAN vendors often price their hardware and software licensing based on tiered models to handle processing the number of tunnels needed for the environment. Because of this, it is important to choose the most cost effective model for the needs of the particular hub/branch locations. Though many perform due diligence to appropriately size and license correctly, there can be some variables that throw a wrench in the works.
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Three Features in Arista EOS That You Need to Know About

It’s no secret that we at WAN Dynamics are big fans of Arista switches. There is a definite feeling when using them that the Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS) was written by engineers for engineers in order to make the network operator’s life easier. In this post, we will discuss three features that are great on their own, however when coupled together, you get an amazing amount of flexibility to solve real world problems. The sum of these features is greater than each of their parts.
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Do I Need More Than One Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Portal?

Do I Need More Than One Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Portal? The Crucial Role of GlobalProtect With an increased demand for GlobalProtect as an enterprise grade VPN client solution, a common question comes up: Is a secondary portal necessary? In many cases, the short answer is probably not. In this post, we will review some options to ensure high availability of GlobalProtect services now that it’s become a mission critical application for many organizations. 
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Changes to VXLAN in Arista EOS

WAN Dynamics received a message from a customer late one evening that no network services company wants to get: “We performed a code upgrade and broke connectivity to our disaster recovery site”. This customer had a datacenter interconnect (DCI) with BGP routing and VXLAN between the datacenters but after the EOS upgrade there was reachability issues between them. I jumped in to assist and at first glance, things looked good. The switch interfaces and BGP sessions were up and there was full connectivity from VTEP to VTEP in the datacenter interconnect. That said, MAC addresses were not being learned across VXLAN. Hmmm, wonder why that would be? I decided to check the switch logs for any potential clues as to what could be happening. Aha! in the log buffer there are messages about VXLAN being disabled:
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SD-WAN in a Work From Anywhere World

Connecting remote users into corporate IT resources has never been trivial. With the shift to work from remote already well underway for many before 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed the transition dramatically. The change happened so fast, many organizations struggled to get their remote users connected when working from home as it became a requirement. Remote access to an organization’s applications traditionally necessitates creation of a virtual private network (VPN) connection of some kind for these users to safely encrypt and secure access to sensitive data they need to do their jobs. 
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7 Key Considerations When Buying Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

As utilization of the public cloud grows and solutions like SD-WAN and VoIP overtake legacy communications products, good connectivity has grown more important than ever. More and more network engineers are opting for higher bandwidth connections and instituting more stringent standards on redundancy to support these needs.
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SD-WAN: A Technology That Changed My Life

Six years ago, in 2014, I worked at a regional telecommunications service provider that had encountered this technology called “SD-WAN” in our market. I was the head of solutions engineering at the time and it was the first that I had heard of such a thing!
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Fortinet FortiGate HA Pair Mystery

Recently while setting up a new Fortinet FortiGate firewall High Availability (HA) pair, I ran into an issue that I hadn’t encountered before. The goal was to set up an active/standby HA pair and having done this many times, didn’t think much of it when configuring the normal HA settings...
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Case Study: Apple Growth Partners ~ Enabling Rapid Acquisitions with SD-WAN

Apple Growth Partners are specialists and CPAs with backgrounds in accounting, finance, law, business management, and technology.  WAN Dynamics is helping them grow with managed SD-WAN and professional consulting services.
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Technical Terms Defined

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN is a suite of network technologies that allows companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Internet access, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS

Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

SASE is a security framework for enabling secure and fast cloud adoption, and helping ensure both users and devices have secure cloud access to applications, data and services anywhere, any time.

Connectivity Transformation

Much how "Digital Transformation" is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business and adopting next gen services like public cloud, "Connectivity Transformation" is the resulting changes in how users and networks evolve to adapt to their own "Digital Transformation" efforts.

Network Automation

Network automation uses programmable logic to manage network resources (routers, switches, firewalls, etc) and services (network security, load balancing, etc). Network automation allows network operations teams to configure, scale, protect, and integrate network infrastructure and application services more quickly than when performed manually by users.