Enable agility and scalability of your network infrastructure with DynaWAN, DynaSASE and DynaPRO Managed Network Services by WAN Dynamics

User requirements are changing daily as legacy applications are retired, new web applications start eating up more bandwidth, new office locations are added and remote work becomes commonplace. Your network has to react quickly and adapt in real-time, which is tough to manage on your own. Helping companies adapt is what we do.

DynaPRO: Managed Network Services

DynaPRO will help resolve the network issues that have been plaguing you. We love making the network into the solid foundation it should be.

Our DynaPRO professional network consulting process embodies a consultative approach. Starting with an in-depth physical and logical network evaluation, we create an inventory of what is in place, how it is implemented and what needs to be done to meet your objectives. We pair this with an analysis of the current service state to narrow down the changes to implement and the appropriate order to address them for success

Without this, the risk of building overly complicated, cumbersome and clunky solutions is very high. Balance and simplicity aligned with business objectives are key factors to success.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Complex Switching/Routing Design, Architecture & Deployment

  • Comprehensive Firewall Policy Review, Configuration & Implementation

  • Deployment of Automated, Orchestrated & API Driven Software Driven Networks with tools like Ansible and Python

  • Managed & Professional SD-WAN Services

  • Managed & Professional SASE Services

  • Detailed Round the Clock Network Monitoring & Reporting

Ways We Engage:

  • DynaPRO AdHoc - Hourly Time & Materials Rate

  • DynaPRO Block - Blocks of Consulting Time

  • DynaPRO Managed - Fully managed network services

    • Includes a response SLA

    • Includes network monitoring that our team manages and uses for remote access

    • 24/7 options
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DynaSASE: Our Answer to Zero Trust Security

As we enter a new era for connectivity, securing the network wherever users access it is no longer optional, it’s a requirement. Also relevant is rapid adoption of the cloud and now needing to connect to legacy applications in datacenter and newer public cloud hosted, SaaS based apps. In security circles, a posture of zero trust is the only way to handle users and apps strewn across work from anywhere, branch office, cloud and datacenter.

Market analysts have finally named the means to
handle secure connectivity across such a broad spectrum Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in 2019. SASE is a network architecture that combines next generation WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions like secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, firewalls, and zero-trust network access. WAN Dynamics has been deploying these types of solutions since founding the company by leveraging many best of breed technology stacks and integrating them.

Benefits of SASE

  • Secure Connectivity from Anywhere -DynaSASE enables users to securely connect to corporate resources no matter where they are be it in the office, on the road or working from home.
  • Identity Driven - With identity based access controls, one can classify and contextualize users, devices and groups then set appropriate application access level to accommodate the most strict security needs.
  • Securing Internet and Cloud Access -SASE affords the functionality to create well defined security policy at the edge and in the cloud to defend against the worst cyber threats.
  • Cost Reduction - Leveraging SASE helps reduce costly layers of complexity from managed routers to firewalls and user access gateways to collapse them into a Secure Network as a Service (SNaaS) model.
  • Built for the Cloud - SASE is perfectly suited for securing access to cloud applications and optimizing traffic to them.
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DynaWAN: Our Unique Approach to SD-WAN

Wide Area Networks (WANs) have been plagued for years by long lead times to deploy locations, reliability issues, terrible support experiences not to mention closed and static private network designs. Legacy WANs were not built for nor are conducive to modern public cloud based IT infrastructure. Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) technologies have helped change this but the right partner is required to deploy effectively.

DynaWAN from WAN Dynamics is custom designed and fully managed 24/7 by our NOC to deliver an integrated cloud-ready enterprise WAN solution. SD-WAN has emerged as the preferred methodology to effectively interconnect data centers, branch offices, cloud and work from anywhere users spread over large geographic distances. With SD-WAN, we move more of the network control into user’s hands leveraging the cloud allowing for simpler, more flexible, and scalable network control.

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Increasing Network Performance DynaWAN’s automatic network remediation quickly identifies network problems and routes around them before users ever notice issues
    that affect their productivity. SD-WAN also affords using all connections actively instead of waiting on standby, thereby getting the most out of all available connectivity.
  • Greater Network Resilience Leveraging multiple connections simultaneously prevents costly downtime. Failover due to network “brownout” or complete blackout across a carrier network connection is sub-second if alternate connection options are available.
  • Cost Reduction Eliminating expensive dedicated MPLS links where possible brings telecom costs down, allowing IT budgets to be used for emerging projects such as cloud initiatives.
  • Network Monitoring & Visibility Inherent in SD-WAN is network performance measurement and monitoring. Due to this, the reporting of overall network performance inside of the DynaWAN solution is robust and detailed.
  • WAN Remediation WAN Remediation consists of automatic link monitoring, auto detection of provider and auto-configuration of link characteristics, routing and QOS settings.
  • Built for the Cloud SD-WAN is perfectly suited for connectivity to cloud applications and optimizing traffic to them.
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Customer Testimonial

WAN Dynamics helped Saber Healthcare resolve critical WAN issues by implementing SD-WAN. Before DynaWAN, Saber experienced outages that impacted administering medication to residents, made for missed telemedicine meetings with healthcare professionals and delayed transmission of important healthcare data.