Discover the Possibilities with WAN Dynamic’s Network Assessments

Choosing the way to deploy a network and the applications necessary for your business can be a challenge. Your network demands are constantly evolving as you increase cloud usage, add remote employees, add new locations or launch latency-sensitive applications. It is imperative to not only be able to make the most of your network now, but to also prepare your network to grow with your business in the future. We offer various assessments to help organizations build a network that can adapt and scale with their business.

Comprehensive Network Assessment

Our Comprehensive Network Assessment provides businesses with an objective, third-party analysis of your network infrastructure. Our extensive knowledge in network architecture, design, operations and optimization makes WAN Dynamics uniquely equipped to provide your business with a thorough review of your network and prepare a suggested timeline for technology upgrades.

Firewall Posture Assessment

Our Firewall Posture Assessment provides businesses with an in-depth analysis of your firewall security posture and a suggested action plan to get your business where it needs to be. As the remote work-from-anywhere business world continues to grow and evolve, it has created new risks for cybersecurity threats. We review the current state of your network security and provide recommendations for improvement, taking into account your budget, industry, regulatory compliance requirements and more.

Global security threats

SD-WAN Business Case Assessment

Our SD-WAN Business Case Assessment provides businesses with a thorough analysis of your current network and opportunities for performance optimization and cost savings. As businesses adjust to remote office footprints, SD-WAN is more advantageous than ever. Our assessment helps organizations learn how to adapt their network to become better equipped to handle more dynamic and distributed traffic flows resulting from greater use of cloud and internet resources. 

Customer Testimonial

“WAN Dynamics, in particular, with the services they offer on top of the underlying VeloCloud SD-WAN technology, is really a winning combination for us.”

Doug Edmunds, Director of IT, Summit Design and Engineering