Identify Effective Network Security Solutions That Won’t Bog Down Your Network Performance

In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving and cyber threats are increasingly more challenging to detect. Our Firewall Posture Assessment was designed to empower organizations with deep insights regarding their network security to protect their business now and in the future. Whether your organization is cloud-based, in a data center or a hybrid of both, WAN Dynamics can help you identify methods to improve network security without impeding network performance and create a framework for your business to grow and scale.

Our Multi-Step Assessment Process

Current State of Firewall Posture

  • Extensive device inventory review
  • Software versions and vulnerabilities analysis
  • Firewall performance evaluation
  • Review of regulatory compliance requirements and identifying pitfalls within your network
  • Meeting with the internal security team to understand the methodology regarding tools and routine security processes

Presentation of findings and roadmap for suggested changes

  • Descriptive analysis of all areas assessed and recommendations
  • Remediation report
  • Suggested steps to optimize your network security
  • Outline of suggested improvements to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Roadmap detailing suggested timeline of changes

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Objective, third-party perspective on network vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement
  • Peace of mind that IT assets and resources are safe from unauthorized access 
  • Interpretation of regulatory compliance standards so you can ensure the organization is compliant
  • Identification of network segmentation opportunities to boost network performance and reduce attack surface by limiting movement across your network
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