See the Full Picture of Your Network’s Potential

Our Comprehensive Network Assessment is ideal for organizations looking to take a peek under the hood to gain a deeper understanding of the existing network environment in order to choose the right solution. You can count on our tenured industry experience to provide your organization with a review of your network infrastructure, security, management, performance and processes.

Our Multi-Phase Assessment Process

Primary network analysis:

  • Review of the network environment’s current state
  • Physical equipment inventory
  • WAN/ISP connectivity
  • Current layout of cabling/interconnect
  • Meeting with your technical team to learn about daily management of your current network and your network design process

Remote network monitoring analysis:

  • Inventory of network devices
  • Review of current configurations running
  • Current network management system analysis
  • Configuration files review to identify security best practices to implement
  • Meeting with the IT team to understand the methodology they use regarding tools, troubleshooting and routine processes

Presentation of findings and roadmap of suggested changes:

  • Descriptive analysis of all areas assessed and recommendations
  • Remediation report
  • Suggested steps to optimize your network
  • Roadmap detailing suggested timeline of changes

Benefits of the Comprehensive Network Assessment

  • Uncover cost-saving potential by upgrading technology
  • Identify network performance enhancements
  • Distinguish out-of-date software and hardware (not supported by vendor)
  • Reveal network performance and operation that could negatively affect performance
  • Expose internal vulnerabilities that deviate from industry standards
  • Provide a general security risk overview regarding the health of network security
Wan dynamics professionals perform network assessment

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