WAN Dynamics & Netskope Join Forces

Posted by Jason Gintert on September 19, 2023

WAN Dynamics is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Netskope, a global leader in Secure Services Edge (SSE) & Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN). This collaboration aims to harness our combined expertise in SD-WAN, SASE, SSE, and ZTNA technologies, establishing the blueprint for the next-generation Wide Area Network.

"Post COVID, we've entered a new WAN paradigm." says Jason Gintert, CTO of WAN Dynamics. "Our collaboration with Netskope is not just a partnership between two industry innovators, but a shared vision for the secure WAN of the future."

The Partnership: What Does It Mean?

As WAN Dynamics integrates Netskope's technologies into its offerings, both businesses and end-users can expect:

1. Empowered Remote Work: The recent global events have proven that remote work is not just a trend – it's mainstream. By incorporating ZTNA, which ensures that every remote access is validated and secured, businesses can provide their workforce with the flexibility they need without compromising on security. A significant part of the Netskope and WAN Dynamics story will incorporate the Endpoint SD-WAN client, the first true SD-WAN endpoint client on the market.

2. Enhanced Security Posture: The amalgamation of SSE and ZTNA ensures that the network is guarded from all sides. With threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, a multi-faceted defense mechanism is required. This partnership ensures that every touchpoint, from branch to datacenter to cloud to remote access, is secured under the stringent standards of ZTNA.

3. Simplified Operations: SD-WAN is all about simplicity and agility which WAN Dynamics deeply understands having deployed it since 2016. By incorporating SD-WAN with SSE to make compelling SASE solutions, businesses can expect a much more streamlined and efficient network resulting in higher quality of experience. This not only translates to cost savings but also ensures optimal uptime and utilization of resources.

4. Seamless Cloud Integration: One of the most significant challenges businesses face today is integrating their on-premises networks with cloud solutions seamlessly. SD-WAN & SASE promise to bridge this gap, allowing businesses to transition to the cloud securely.

5. Future-Ready Networks: With 5G and IoT devices set to flood the market, networks need to be agile and adaptable. SD-WAN and SASE's flexible architecture, combined with the robust security of SSE and ZTNA, ensures that businesses are not just prepared for today's challenges but are future-ready.


The partnership between WAN Dynamics and Netskope is not just a collaboration, it's a statement on where the future of the WAN is headed. It emphasizes the importance of security, agility, and performance in today's IT infrastructure. Those interested in realizing the true promise of a secure Bordlerless WAN should contact us today!

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