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EOS Upgrade With Ansible

Posted by Kevin Giusti on June 10, 2019

Even though managing Arista switches is pretty great, sometimes performing things like software upgrades can be tedious and boring, especially when there are a lot of switches to upgrade at a time. Here at WAN Dynamics, we like to solve tedious problems with automation so to for this particular challenge.

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Dual Datacenter DMZ With VXLAN, VARP, VRF & OSPF with Arista Networks

Posted by Kevin Giusti on April 15, 2018

WAN Dynamics Senior Network Engineer Kevin Giusti explains the dual datacenter DMZ configuration with VXLAN, VARP, VRF & OSPF.

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8 Lessons Learned - Arista Datacenter Interconnect (DCI) with VXLAN and vARP

Posted by Kevin Giusti on September 28, 2017

Though our name would imply we only work with wide area networks, WAN Dynamics has been working on some very interesting (and fun!) datacenter deployments as well, using primarily Arista Networks gear. First thing to note: this kit and company are fantastic. We genuinely enjoy working with Arista hardware, software and most of all, their people.

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