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Practical Uses for Palo Alto Panorama Templates

Palo Alto Networks Panorama is a great tool that enables organizations to manage and analyze many firewalls at scale. Our customers often ask for improvements that make deploying or maintaining firewalls a more repeatable, consistent process. Templates can certainly help with this. However, if not properly planned and executed it can lead to the opposite effect by introducing unnecessary complexity, additional deployment tasks, and the potential for issues down the road. The best time to plan a template strategy is at the time of a new deployment. It’s much easier to build out with the right approach than have to rebuild it once already in production. There are a few template strategies that we encounter in the field:
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Do I Need More Than One Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Portal?

Do I Need More Than One Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Portal? The Crucial Role of GlobalProtect With an increased demand for GlobalProtect as an enterprise grade VPN client solution, a common question comes up: Is a secondary portal necessary? In many cases, the short answer is probably not. In this post, we will review some options to ensure high availability of GlobalProtect services now that it’s become a mission critical application for many organizations. 
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